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About Us

Global Sisters exists to make business possible for women, enabling them to be financially resilient and stand tall. We provide a genuine alternative for women who are unable to participate in mainstream employment or access decent, sustainable work. 

When women are given skills, connections and support they so often miss out on, there is no stopping them. They break down barriers, force change and move us all on. They start-up and grow businesses, lift up communities, and make the economy a more equitable and inclusive place. All these women need is the same backing given to everyone else.

Where do I start my FREE course?

Business Education

My Big Idea: Need a business idea?

A 2-hour FREE online workshop to help you develop a business idea, refine an existing idea or to work out if business is something you might be interested in exploring. It is also suitable if you have an existing business that you want to diversify or grow.
Cost: Free

My Big Idea

Sister School: Have a business idea?

Sister School is a FREE 10-week program that provides the practical knowledge and support needed to start or grow a business in Australia. From financial foundations to your personal point of difference, join our flagship business education program.
Cost: Free

Sister School

Business Growth Support

Membership: Ready to launch or need help to grow?

Our FREE Membership Programs support you to take your business to the next level – through launch, start-up and growth. We offer 3 years of ongoing business education, coaching, micro-finance and sales and marketing support.
Cost: Free for members


Marketplace: Want to get your business online and selling?

Reach customers online with a quality digital experience. No sign up fees, no monthly fees & a LOW commission per transaction. Join Australia’s first Marketplace dedicated to women’s financial independence, supporting businesses selling products, services & experiences.


Our Sisters

Over 1700 sisters have started the program.

Over 450 are now running their own businesses.


It’s a fantastic women’s business organisation, that supports and encourages women to become financially independent entrepreneurs.

Cat Edward, Happy Cat Productions
Cat Edward,

THE ‘MY BIG IDEA’ WORKSHOP really helped me move forward. I had lots of ideas to build a business but I couldn’t seem to narrow them down and find out who I was. It was almost self sabotage, I would get excited, put something together and then talk myself out of it the next morning. I didn’t have finances, I didn’t have ingredients, I didn’t have tools. All I came with was some ideas. I didn’t realise how genuine and how real the Global Sisters process was all going to be. It was non-judgemental and nothing was too hard or too difficult. Everyone was in the same boat, we were all putting our ideas forward. I found it very warm, uplifting, encouraging, and also enlightening to be able to see to whom these products could go, to the marketing, to how to pull it together.

Celeste Iannotta, Miluny Beauty
Celeste Iannotta,

THE ‘MY BIG IDEA’ WORKSHOP focused on my interests and talents in such a visual and nurturing way. It was all new for me, I was realising things that I hadn’t previously realised. I had never done any learning about myself, from that point of view, and it was so encouraging. I was still working at that time and the process helped me narrow down my talents and interests.
There were so many other women there, to hear some of their stories was like ‘Joanne, you can do something, yes, you can!’

Joanne Diver, The Backyard Garden Enthusiast
Joanne Diver,

Global Sisters is a supportive network that is always there to listen and pick you back up when you are having down moments. To provide support and coaches with extensive business knowledge to learn from.

Kelly Linaker, Myofascial and Sports Therapy
Kelly Linaker,

SISTER SCHOOL TAUGHT ME confidence and understanding. There’s a lot of things I didn’t know that I didn’t know, especially when it comes to small business. There are so many barriers that you put up because you don’t know – you put them in the ‘too hard’ basket. But nothing was too hard, everything was plotted out. I was able to learn and I got confidence thinking that whatever comes up, we’ve got this. I came out of there with just so much passion, literally ready to roll, bake and get this bun show on the road and it’s been go go go since then. It’s been fantastic.

Kirsty Parkes, Sweet Cinnabuns
Kirsty Parkes,

Women Supported

Future Income Ideation

Businesses Planned

Businesses Supported

External Support Facilitated


Your steps to financial independence

My Big Idea: Validate your business idea with a free online workshop

  • All the tools needed to validate your business idea
  • Complete anytime that suits you – fully flexible and online
  • Only takes 2 hours to complete – any time of the day
  • Turn your skills, hobbies, experience into a genuine possibility today
  • Total value $750 but we are giving it to you at no cost

Sister School: Make your idea a reality through our free 8 module program

  • 8 module course helping you with the foundations needed to build your business
  • Participate either face to face, online at your own pace or online supported by a facilitator
  • Exclusive access to a network of like-minded women with live Q&A, mentors, support and advice
  • Hands on and practical experience to set you up for success
  • Opportunity to present your business to our community of supporters
  • Gateway to 3 years of ongoing business education, business coaching, micro-finance and sales and marketing support
  • Total value $3000-$5000 but we are giving it to you at no cost

Online Sister School starts 








Business Growth Support

Membership Programs:  Ready to launch or need help to grow?

Take your business to the next level through our Membership programs

  • Access to accountability support and industry experts through our tailored coaching programs, including 1:1 and group coaching experiences
  • Access to local and online business meet ups and 90-day planning sessions with a community of like-minded businesswomen and experts
  • Your business questions answered weekly through #askmeanything
  • Access to micro-finance and micro-insurance products
  • Prioritised support create your own online shop through https://marketplace.globalsisters.org/
  • Access to our Knowledge Centre. Coming Soon!
  • Plus many more opportunities and networks that emerge through our partnerships and generous supporters

Marketplace: Want to get your business online and selling?

Reach your customers online through a quality digital experience at a low cost

  • An immediate, user-friendly digital experience requiring no tech management
  • Sell products, services and/or experiences
  • Ongoing exposure via #BackHerBrilliance social media marketing campaign
  • No sign up fee, no monthly fees AND a low commission per transaction only 7.3% + 30c (5% goes to Global Sisters to maintain the program, 1.2% to Marketplacer technology provider, 1.1%+30c to Braintree payment gateway)
  • Not-for-profit funded by philanthropy
  • Women founded for women – the only marketplace dedicated 100% to the financial independence of Australian women
  • Comes with a complete wrap around program of business support via Global Sisters – business education, coaching, microfinance and sales & marketing support
  • Join our community that backs #GoodBusiness – encouraging & supporting all businesses to be ethical, socially & environmentally friendly

Meet Mandy

Meet Mandy, she is the powerhouse behind the Global Sister Sisterhood. Raised in regional NSW she created this non profit to help ensure that every Australian woman has the opportunity to create her own economic future. Global Sisters shares the skills, tools and networks that help you to become financially independent, at no cost to you other than your time and commitment.

Our Why

Incredible things happen when you back women. When women are given skills, connections and support there is no stopping them. They break down barriers, force change, lift communities, make the economy more equal. All these women need is the same backing as everyone else.


Our Vision

A world where every woman is provided the opportunity to create her own economic future.

Our Purpose

Making business possible for all women.
Unlocking the potential in every woman to own her economic future.

Need help with your business idea?
Take the My Big Idea online workshop now

Sister Success Stories

Aysha Navlakhi, Events by Aysha

My name is Aysha Navlakhi and I run a catering business called Events by Aysha. I live in Brisbane and I’m South African Indian. I studied beauty therapy and massage…

Joanne Driver, The Backyard Garden Enthusiast

I’m Joanne Diver. I live in regional NSW with my husband and two children and my business is The Backyard Garden Enthusiast. I grow flower and vegetable seeds and sell…

Lila Bate, bVitra

A few years ago, I found myself in no-man’s land, middle-aged and unable to find a path back into the workforce. I was in my 50s and, because I was…

Our Supporters

Global Sisters is a not-for-profit and we are able to bring you all these tools,
support and networking thanks to our incredible national network of
Corporate, Governmental and Philanthropic partners.

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