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Our Free Membership Programs are designed to support women to take their business to the next level – through launch, start-up and growth. We offer 3 years of free ongoing business education, coaching, micro-finance and sales and marketing support for businesses regardless of the industry.

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It’s a fantastic women’s business organisation, that supports and encourages women to become financially independent entrepreneurs.

Cat Edward, Happy Cat Productions
Cat Edward,

THE ‘MY BIG IDEA’ WORKSHOP really helped me move forward. I had lots of ideas to build a business but I couldn’t seem to narrow them down and find out who I was. It was almost self sabotage, I would get excited, put something together and then talk myself out of it the next morning. I didn’t have finances, I didn’t have ingredients, I didn’t have tools. All I came with was some ideas. I didn’t realise how genuine and how real the Global Sisters process was all going to be. It was non-judgemental and nothing was too hard or too difficult. Everyone was in the same boat, we were all putting our ideas forward. I found it very warm, uplifting, encouraging, and also enlightening to be able to see to whom these products could go, to the marketing, to how to pull it together.

Celeste Iannotta, Miluny Beauty
Celeste Iannotta,

THE ‘MY BIG IDEA’ WORKSHOP focused on my interests and talents in such a visual and nurturing way. It was all new for me, I was realising things that I hadn’t previously realised. I had never done any learning about myself, from that point of view, and it was so encouraging. I was still working at that time and the process helped me narrow down my talents and interests.
There were so many other women there, to hear some of their stories was like ‘Joanne, you can do something, yes, you can!’

Joanne Diver, The Backyard Garden Enthusiast
Joanne Diver,

Global Sisters is a supportive network that is always there to listen and pick you back up when you are having down moments. To provide support and coaches with extensive business knowledge to learn from.

Kelly Linaker, Myofascial and Sports Therapy
Kelly Linaker,

SISTER SCHOOL TAUGHT ME confidence and understanding. There’s a lot of things I didn’t know that I didn’t know, especially when it comes to small business. There are so many barriers that you put up because you don’t know – you put them in the ‘too hard’ basket. But nothing was too hard, everything was plotted out. I was able to learn and I got confidence thinking that whatever comes up, we’ve got this. I came out of there with just so much passion, literally ready to roll, bake and get this bun show on the road and it’s been go go go since then. It’s been fantastic.

Kirsty Parkes, Sweet Cinnabuns
Kirsty Parkes,

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Business Education

My Big Idea
Need a business idea?

A 2-hour FREE online workshop to help you develop a business idea, refine an existing idea or to work out if business is something you might be interested in exploring. It is also suitable if you have an existing business that you want to diversify or grow.
Cost: Free

My Big Idea

Sister School
Have a business idea?

Sister School is a FREE 10-week program that provides the practical knowledge and support needed to start or grow a business in Australia. From financial foundations to your personal point of difference, join our flagship business education program.
Cost: Free

Sister School

Business Growth 

Ready to launch or need help to grow?

Our FREE Membership Programs support you to take your business to the next level – through launch, start-up and growth. We offer 3 years of ongoing business education, coaching, micro-finance and sales and marketing support.
Cost: Free for members


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