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Find or refine the ‘big idea’ you want to turn into a business


Get your business foundation right with this 8 module course.


Set up an immediate, user friendly digital presence for making sales.


Launch your business with the support of a Momentum Coach.


Access expert guidance to increase your e-commerce sales.


Access a legal referral helpline and other bespoke coaching support.


Access financial products and services.


Browse regular business education and development events and workshops.

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Solo Mums in Business

We’re excited to present an incredible opportunity exclusively designed for single mums who receive the Parenting Payment Single (PPS). This program provides additional assistance, tools and value-adds through our trusted partnerships. The availability for this exclusive solo mums program is LIMITED due to the additional support provided. 

When: Run regularly throughout the year, dates are advertised in advance
Who: Available for singly mums who receive the Parenting Payment Single (PPS)
Format: Online 
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    My Big Idea

My Big Idea is designed to help you FIND OR REFINE the ‘big idea’ that you want to turn into a business. This workshop is perfect for women exploring business as a possibility for them. It is great for those without a business idea, for those with too many ideas or those with a very early-stage business hunch.

When: Anytime
Format: Online pre-recorded workshop with downloadable workbook
Time commitment: 1.5 hours
Cost: FREE (valued at $750)
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Sister School

Sister School is an 8-module business education program that provides you with the tools, skills, knowledge, support and mindset to turn your idea into a business. It will help you to put your business foundations in place and set your business up so that you are ready to launch and reach your first customers.

When: Dates are advertised for upcoming programs or complete in your own time at your own pace
Format: Facilitated online with a group of likeminded business women OR completed solo online – take your pick!
Time commitment: Approximately 17 hours of content or less if you only want specific learning modules
Cost: FREE (valued at $3000)
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First 10 Customers

This coaching program is designed for those at their earliest stages to help you test your products, pricing, processes and business model by launching your business and making your first sales.

 This is a 12 week program where you are matched one-on-one with a volunteer Momentum Coach. Your coach is your cheerleader and will support you through the steps to launch and reach your first customers. You may join this program twice.

When: Commences approximately once each quarter, dates will be advertised in advance
Who: Best for those ready to launch their business or exploring a new direction
Format: One-on-one coaching support through video conference calls
Time commitment: 1+ hour per fortnight over 12 weeks
Cost: FREE (valued at $1400)
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Coaching Circles

This coaching program is a 4 week program that focuses on a specific business area or industry. You meet weekly with a group of fellow Sisters (business women) and an expert Coach. You learn from each other, work through your challenges and develop new business networks. You may join this program as many times as you like.

When: Commences once each quarter, dates will be advertised in advance
Who: Recommended for those with a business that is currently trading
Format: Group mastermind / coaching support facilitated online
Time commitment: 1+ hour per week x 4 weeks
Cost: FREE (valued at $400)
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Workshops and Events

Join our monthly workshops and events designed for Sisters at all stages of business. Workshops and events include business education topics presented by experts in the field, 90 day planning sessions, leadership development, entrepreneurial mindset exploration plus more. Most workshops and events are availably publicly but some are for members only. To become a member, click here.

: Monthly, upcoming events can be found on our calendar
Who: Available to all Sisters regardless of their business stage.
Format: Facilitated group events online
Cost: FREE (valued at $80)

1 on 1 Specialist Business Support

1 on 1 specialist business support is available for those who have launched their business and proven their business model. Support is provided by Global Sisters corporate partners and business experts and will vary in availability and project type. Support may cover business legal advice, copywriting support, social media strategy.

When: Based on availability. Support and timing will change monthly.
Who: To access this support you must be a Global Sisters Member with a business that is trading
Format: One-on-one coaching or project support, delivered through video conference or phone
Cost: FREE (valued at $200 – $10,000)
Register: Request specialised sister support here


This program is designed for those who have an existing business with an online presence and are experiencing challenges converting online views to sales. This is an approximate 7 week program where you are provided feedback and input from a panel of experts and are then matched one-on-one coach to support you to implement changes.

When: Run regularly throughout the year, dates are advertised in advance
Who: Available for Sisters selling on Global Sisters Marketplace
Format: Online launch event + approx 6 weeks of weekly coaching support
Time commitment: 7 weeks of focus on your e-commerce store improvement
Cost: FREE (Valued at $1500)
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Business Tools


 Our marketplace will give you an immediate user friendly, quality digital presence requiring no tech management – all in one place so you can create a revenue stream from your online shop and gain easy access to customers! No set up fees, no monthly fees and a super low commission per transaction.

Take a look at our Marketplace here.

When: Set up your store any time, regardless of your stage of business
Who: Available to all female-owned businesses in Australia. Every business must have a fully transparent and ethical supply chain (comply with the IPO definition of fair work and not harming the environment) and must tick at least one of our ethical attributes (Hand made, australian made, recycled or upcycled, vegan, social enterprise, natural materials , certified organic, indigenous business, eco packaging or plastic free)
Format: Our team will provide you with one on one support throughout the onboarding process for the Marketplace and set up your own shop front in a few quick steps
Cost: FREE to set up, no monthly fees, very low commission per transaction + banking fees
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Micro loans

Business Loans by Global Sisters Microfinance are safe, affordable and accessible no and low interest business loans for Sisters (business women) involved in the Global Sisters programs. We have created loans specifically for early stage business. The application is straightforward and user-friendly, with our team available to support you throughout the process. Loans of up $4000 are available to Sisters.

When: Available any time depending on your stage of business and finance needs
Who: You must be a Global Sisters Member or actively participating in Sister School to qualify for a Business Loan with Global Sisters.
More information and application form here

Business insurance

Global Sisters is working to secure referral partnerships with Insurance Providers who have tailored, affordable Micro and Small Business Insurance Products, specific to Start Up and Early Growth Phase, that might assist Female Founders and Women Led Microbusiness access peace of mind and the necessary protection for their business they are building and income they are generating.